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I'll preface this post with an apology if the photos of the shoes aren't the best quality. I left my proper camera back up in Glasgow and had to take them on my mobile phone. I also don't have the greatest lighting here, but I'll do my best. I bought these shoes way back in July with the intention of wearing them on a trip I took to London. However, due to a moderate fuck-up in ordering (entirely my fault for not reading the listing closely enough) they were about a size and a half too small when they arrived and there just wasn't any feasible way that I could've worn them trekking round the capital without my feet being rubbed raw.

That said, my mum jumped to the rescue and ordered a pair of wooden shoe stretchers from Amazon, and within a couple of days they fit comfortably. At that point I was still pretty much solely dedicated to my Essex Glam double sole creepers which I found on Amazon and which, I might add, have lasted remarkably for being so affordable. However, I left those behind in Cumbria when I moved away for university. Since arriving in Glasgow, my Hawks have pretty much been my every day shoe.

There's a few reasons these have become my favourite pair of shoes; the loafer-style means that they're easy to take on and off and comfortable to wear. I have no issues with them now that they fit properly and I wear them almost everyday, up and down the steep, steep hills of Strathy. It's also a simple shape and style, meaning they're very easy to pair with any outfit. However, the all-over spike design means that they're still a real statement piece and helps them fit much better with my personal style. While the spikes on the top and outsides of the shoes are incredibly sharp and will leave you with nasty scratches, if not full on cuts, the inside edges have flatter studs, meaning your ankles will be a little bit safer. I found them on Office's eBay store on a killer sale - down from £105 to £38.50 with postage and packaging included. Unfortunately, it seems like the spiked Hawk design has been discontinued, and I can't seem to find it anywhere online. However, similar sizes such as the Hawk ZN and Studded Martini are still available. It's also always worth keeping an eye on sites such as eBay, Vinted and Depop if you don't mind buying a pair secondhand - you'll probably get them even cheaper from these places as you would from a mainstream retailer!

In the UK, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are generally available in women's sizes 2-8. I'll include a size conversion chart below so that you can translate this into international/men's sizes if you want to.

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Jazz xo

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