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This post is going up rather later than I intended it to - I had originally meant for this to have gone up at the beginning of the month. However, as is the way with me, life and laziness got in the way and I never got round to it. Worry not, though - everything on this list is still available for delivery before Christmas as of the publication date of this post, so if you are on the hunt for anything last minute, this could still be helpful. 

If you've a bookworm in your life, you may know the struggle of buying gifts for such people. At face value it seems easy - buy them a book, of course. The issue comes, however, when you're standing in a bookshop, scanning the shelves and you realise that they've got so many damn books that you haven't a clue what they don't have. This can leave you in something of a pickle - but never fear, reader dear, there's a whole world of bookish gifts out there waiting to be given to your loved ones. 


Now this first one is a little obvious, and possibly the most easily accessible on this list in that you can just walk into a shop and buy it, meaning it has the extra benefit of being super quick to obtain. This might be your best shout if you're planning on leaving your shopping really last minute. 

A gift card is a great idea as it effectively allows the recipient to chose their own gift, but is a little more personal than gifting the equivalent in cash. Gift cards for high street bookstore chains like Waterstones (available in £10, £20, £50 and £100) and WH Smiths (available in £5, £10, £15, £20, £25, £50 and £100) can be purchased both online and in-store. Don't forget to also check local bookshops for voucher/gift card options!! 


I don't know about you lot, but I bloody love a mug. I like buying them for other people as much as I like adding to my own collection. If you know your bookworm is also a hot-drink lover, then a mug that references their love of books or their specific favourite is bound to go down well. Several sites offer bookish mugs for sale, including; 

The Literary Gift Company - the above is an example of one offered by this site. They also offer several personalised options. 

Redbubble - not only a great marketplace for unique mugs and other gifts, but also a great way to support the independent artists who sell their designs here. 


As well as mugs, The Literary Gift Company sells an array of t-shirts, baby-gros, ties, scarves and socks that could be absolutely perfect for your stylish reader. T-shirts are offered in unisex size small (36inch chest) to unisex XL (45inch chest) and are made of 100% cotton. 


If you know the recipient of your gift is a lover of jewellery as well as books, this could be your best route. Jewellery is easily displayed when in public - more so than a mug - but is less 'in-your-face' than a t-shirt, scarf or tie. A pendant or bracelet referencing a book, or reading in general, is a good option for the bookworm who prefers subtlety. 

The Literary Gift Company offer a range of bookish jewellery, including the above necklace. It is important to note, however, that some pieces are rather on the expensive side. You may want to reserve jewellery from here for the more special bookworm to you - perhaps a parent, sibling, or partner. 

Chances are your bookworm is also something of a Potterhead (Harry Potter superfan, in leyman's terms), alternative fashion website Attitude Clothing recently began offering a modest range of HP-themed jewellery, at a slightly more affordable price than LGC. 


Speaking of niches, indie cosmetics brand Shiro Cosmetics offers a vast range of eyeshadows, cheek products and lipglosses whose names relate to various fan-followings. While the names are certainly not limited only to books (movies, TV shows and anime are also featured), the line does offer shades with names that reference The Hunger Games, The Hobbit and the Game of Thrones series, to name but a few. The line is also mostly vegan and entirely cruelty free, with only natural and organic ingredients, meaning it should be suitable to almost everyone. Its low price point means it should also fit most budgets. Pictured is Shiro's eyeshadow in 'Lingered In The Twilight'. 

Those are five last-minute bookish gift ideas for those of you who are stumped as to what to buy. Hope I managed to offer a helping hand to some. 

Happy reading & Merry Christmas, 
Jazz xo 

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