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If there was a prize for the worst blogger ever, truly, it would be in my hands.

After swearing up and down to post on the reg again, I only go and bugger off for two months without even blinking in the direction of this website. But fear no longer, my sweet, sweet friends. Here I am, like the gruff and gorgeous Dean Winchester; risen from the dead for the umpteenth time and hear to espouse my lunacy at you once more.

If you follow me on Instagram or are a personal acquaintance and Facebook friend (where I assume the majority of my readership comes from), you'll be aware by this point that I got into my university of choice back at the end of August, and have been living in Glasgow for right around a month and a half by now.

UCAS, ya beautiful bastard!!
I said in my previous posts about Uni (which you can find here & here) that, although nervous, I was excited as hell to shoot off to a new and exciting place. Remember kindly, if you will, I've spent my entire life well and truly out in the sticks, with not much of anything happening around and about where I was. It'll come as no surprise, then, that moving to a city as huge and as bustling as Glasgow was a massive shock to the system. I'm still not quite accustomed to simply crossing the road when there's no cars moving, rather than waiting for the green man, or to the apparently constant stream of people up and down every footpath and pavement. A slightly more pleasant surprise is the proximity of the supermarkets here; with a Sainbury's, an Aldi and a Tesco all close by, I've never got too far to walk for groceries. 

Another absolute life saver for uni life is an absolutely fantastic app named Deliveroo. I've eaten a shameful number of takeaways since arriving here, and all of them have been thanks to these bicycle-mounted, unsung heroes of the city centre. Truly a blessing for when you're too hungover or (let's be honest) too lazy to cook, Deliveroo will bring takeout food from restaurants that wouldn't usually offer a delivery service, including some big name brands like Burger King, Pizza Express and Jamie's Italian. I'm not entirely sure who developed the app but I currently owe my life (and the five pounds I've gained) to them. 

Of course, uni isn't all about the location and the food. First and foremost, it's an educational institution, and what really matters is the course that you do. As you can see in the above picture, my primary course is English with Journalism & Creative Writing. So far, I'm loving it. I've learned a lot about critical and authorial methods that I'd not considered before, and my productivity levels insofar as reading and writing have increased at least tenfold. Churning out a short story every week and reading a book, play or series of poems every few has truly gotten me back in the literary mindset, and I couldn't  be happier (even if they did have us read Shakespeare first). I've also decided to take an elective in History - a subject I always enjoyed, but fell out of love with midway through A-Level due, quite frankly, to one of the teachers being a complete and utter, irredeemable cockwomble. Taking the subject at University, however, has truly rekindled my love affair with the past. So much so that a 3000 word essay on how far the nineteenth century can be considered an age of improvement seems more like an exciting time filler than an arduous chore. 

One of my biggest concerns before moving to Uni was that tutors and lecturers would be intimidating and unapproachable - a phenomena not exclusive to me, I'm sure. The titles of Professor and Doctor can be frightening to even the most hardy amongst us. However, I bring glad tidings; if you've not yet gone to Uni and this is a fear of yours, chuck it right out of the window. All of the staff here are super friendly, know what they're talking about and are always willing to answer questions that I have about assignments, no matter how stupid I think they are. The best thing? They actually treat you like the adults you are. I've previously expressed my disdain that they apparently refuse to do this in most Sixth Form institutions, and so to be addressed as an equal and with respect, rather than treated as an inferior and a child is a welcome and refreshing change. 

Another, even bigger concern? I'd hate where I lived and wouldn't make any friends. 

Mercifully, both of those have proved to be false worries. 

To start, my flat is pretty great (even though it doesn't have carpets) and I couldn't ask for better people to live with. Three absolutely cracking girls, each with their own gorgeous personality, make Flat B6 feel like a warm and homely place. The place that it's in is also absolutely to die for - the second-to-top floor in the block leaves us with absolutely amazing views. Not to mention it's a less-than-five-minute walk from Necropolis, a colossal, hilly cemetery where I - being that I am something of a creepy weirdo - spend a considerable portion of my free time. 

The view from my bedroom window

Slightly rainy, very aesthetic-y view from the kitchen

Of equal importance, I've made some great friends with some of the best people a girl can ever hope to meet. Immediately accepting and constantly encouraging, having such a close, kind, caring and open-minded bunch with whom to mingle has really been a godsend in getting through the first few weeks. We don't necessarily all share common interests - heck, we don't even all go to the same Uni - but somehow the group dynamic just works, and I don't think that I could've asked for a better group.
Yer a Quizzard Harry (Pub Quiz Team week 1)

Major shoutout to Silja, Mags and Co. for allowing us to take up semi-permenant
residence in the Union coffee shop, and for always saving us the table with the couches when
they can.

Sneak peek at our album cover 
Throwback to the day Will and I sat on a bus for three and a half hours to visit Carla and
find some Highland Coos. West Calder, where?

"You look like the poster for a cheesey 80s TV show."

Fresher's week vibes (I'm more hungover than I look).

All in all, I'm really enjoying myself so far, and I'd strongly advise anyone who's worried about Uni to not be. It's great fun, and a learning and growing experience for all. 

And if all else fails? 

Chop all your hair off and dye it pink 

Shameless vanity ft shower and polka-dot showercap.

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Happy reading, 
Jazz xo

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