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Although this title may have lead you to believe as much, I am, alas, not Eminem. 

I am simply a lowly blogger, who's a bit shit at remembering to post. To jump gallantly to my own defence, July was an insanely hectic month for me. With a week long holiday, a house move and a trip to London that took up the best part of a week, the little time I did have, I spent too exhausted to actually sit down and even queue some posts to be published in my absence. But fear no more, reader mine, I am back at it again and this time, on the reg (fingers crossed). 

As I've not finished any new books recently (though I'm not far off. Reviews to come, I promise!), I thought the easiest and best way to slide back into book blogging would be with the use of a tag. While perusing various other book blogs recently,  I discovered a fun little tag created by the absolutely gorgeous and lovely Abigail, over at What Makes a Good Book. I decided I'd be a little bit cheeky and do it without being specifically tagged, as I thought it was a fun and innovative concept and some of the questions made me laugh. Without further ado, here are the questions: 

1. Ice Blast: Name a book that exploded at the start, but slowly turned to slush. 

Now there's no denying that Alice's Adventure's In Wonderland is an absolute corker of a novel. As a self-confessed weirdo, Wonderland is nothing shy of my dream home. But the ending of the book had me so annoyed that I'd like to build a time machine just so I can go back and tweeze every lustrous lock out of Lewis Carroll's head. 

It was all a dream? Really, Lewis? Talk about a cop-out. 

2. Premier: A book that you bought as soon as it was released. 

It may be years old and intended for an audience much younger than I, but Jacqueline Wilson's Kiss has its own very special place in my heart. At the time of its release, Wilson was my absolute idol and I was blessed with the chance to meet her at a book signing in my closest Waterstones. Caps off to my dad, auntie and granddad who gallantly stood in line with my cousin and me for eight hours in the freezing cold so that we could pick up a copy of the then-new book and get it signed. This is one of those books that I'll never get rid of, no matter how old it gets and no matter how much I outgrow it. 

What can I say, I'm a sentimental old bugger at heart. 

3. Adverts: Name a book you wish would hurry up and get here already! 

This question was probably the trickiest for me to answer. If you know me, you'll know I'm an old soul. The books that I truly fall in love with tend to be written pre-1900, and as such I rarely find myself gripped with anticipation for modern releases. That said, if you know me you'll probably also know I'm a touch obsessed with Maureen Johnson's Shades of London series. The title and release date of the fourth novel (which will complete the series) are both as-yet unreleased, and I really am rather desperate to find out more about it and, eventually, get my hands on the damn book. I just have to know what happens to my boy Stephen, okay? 

4. Sneaking cheap sweets into the cinema: Name a book you didn't think worth the amount you paid. 

Now if you've read my top 10 villains post you might be confused; this novels antagonist, the hideous and horrible Alton Turner Blackwood, placed rather high on that list. Don't get me wrong on this; What the Night Knows is a good book. It's just not Dean Koontz good. The quality of the writing just left me struggling to believe that this was churned out by the same man who wrote the Odd Thomas series, which, in my humble opinion, is one of the best literary horror series of the last century. I don't really regret buying this book, and I have reread it on two occasions. I'm just a bit miffed I dropped a whole £8.99 on it, is all. 

5. Watching a guilty pleasure: Name a book from a new genre that you enjoyed. 

Twenties Girl here acts as a place-holder for most every Sophie Kinsella book I've read. Generally, I'm not that enthralled by chick-lit. Not to knock the genre, I've just never really found it to be sufficiently stimulating to read. For some reason, Kinsella is the exception to this rule. Perhaps because she's so brilliantly and so cleverly funny, as well as breaking the trope of the heroine who's a bit of wet lettuce until her man comes to save her. If you're in any way trying to get interested in the genre, then Kinsella is absolutely the best place to start. 

I hope you enjoyed this tag, guys, and I promise I'll try and get back into the swing of things. 

Happy reading,
Jazz xo 

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