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By the time you're seeing this, it's actually yesterday's OOTD, and I do apologise for not uploading it as quickly as I intended. Tommy Shelby called my name, and you really can't tell your husband no, can you? 

This wasn't really a day where I did much. I helped my mum lug some stuff to the tip, and then we went out for my brother's birthday dinner. I wanted to keep it semi-casual, and it's been super warm out here recently. I liked the pairing of the black crop top with the black jeans, and I'm absolutely living for these shoes now that I've finally got them broken in. I'm also slowly re-becoming a hat person; I wore a lot of hats in my early teens and I'm not entirely sure why I stopped. I really like the way that they look on me; I especially love this simple black fedora, or a simpler black beanie, with my newly mad-coloured hair. 

The black crop top I got from New Look last summer. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have this exact style in stock this time around. However, I have found very similar ones at Forever 21 and Missguided if you're after bagging one for yourself. 

The jeans are the Black Straight Leg jeans from Dorothy Perkins. I took a pair of scissors to the knee myself to make them a bit funkier, and a bit more fitting to my wardrobe. 

These shoes I am absolutely obsessed with. They're the Jeffrey Campbell Hawk Loafers, and unfortunately, I believe that this style with the black leather and silver studs has been discontinued. At least, I cant find a link to them online anywhere. Sarenza have the Hawk ZN's on sale at present - these are very similar, but not the same. I honestly had to have these shoes when I spotted them on Office's eBay store - they were on a killer sale, down from £105 to £38.50 inc. postage and packaging. I'd have been mad to pass that up, even if they were half a size too small and a son-of-a-bitch to break in. 

The fedora is a relatively cheap one that I got from eBay. I will say that it's a little bit small for my head, but not so much that it's a problem. Also bare in mind that I have a pretty big head, so it would probably fit somebody of average cranial circumference. 

If you liked this post, be sure to check me out on Lookbook, where I plan to do my best to post OOTDs as frequently as possible. 

Happy reading, 
Jazz xo 

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