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Title: Creep (2014)
Genre: Found-footage horror
Starring: Patrick Kack-Brice, Mark Duplass
Director: Patrick Kack-Brice
Warnings: Graphic violence, references to rape, references to mental illness
My Rating: 4/5

I'll admit at the beginning of this review; I did not have high hopes for this film. At all. As a horror movie fanatic, I'm just about sick to the back teeth of 'found footage' movies. As far as I'm concerned, it's just beating a dead horse at this point. After glancing at a spoiler-free synopsis on the 'web, I couldn't help the groan that escaped me. At face-value, the film seemed so eye-rollingly cliche that I have no shame in confessing I went in expecting to absolutely loathe it.  

I've learned, it seems, to not judge a film by its summary. 

I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by Creep. The story follows Aaron, a film-maker responding to an ad posted by Josef, a cancer patient with just months to live who wants to document a day in his life so that his unborn child has something to know him by. However, when Aaron meets Josef he immediately notices the man's strange and erratic behaviour and, sure enough, discovers that all is not as it seems about his client, leading to a dark turn and some dire consequences for the videographer. 

Like I said, totally cliché. 

What absolutely saved this film, however, was the superb way in which it was executed. I literally cannot find anything to fault Duplass or Kack-Brice on in terms of their acting. They took a storyline and a genre which is - let's face it - entirely overdone and turned it into something that still managed to be genuinely unsettling. The fact that the entire film consists of only the two characters actually makes the found footage genre work a lot better, in my opinion. The illusion of raw footage really allows for the audience to experience Aaron's desperation and truly enhances the more frightening and unnerving aspects of the film. Aside from a couple of technical goofs that I can't explain without giving away spoilers, the film truly was done absolutely faultlessly. 

For me, it gets a 4/5. Really impeccably carried out, just not my personal favourite sub-genre of horror. If you're into found footage movies, you'll absolutely love this and even if you aren't, give it a try. I guarantee it'll give you chills. 

Some life updates. 

So, if any of you are regular readers of my blog, you may have noticed that I've not been posting consistently for the past few weeks. This is largely due to the dreaded exam season. I'm happy to announce, however, that I've just sat my final exam today and so I need worry about those no more. I also have my final shift at Poundstretcher this weekend, so I'll be absolutely laden with free time and I should return to regularly scheduled programming. That said, July is set to be a pretty hectic month to me, with a holiday abroad, moving house, two birthday bashes and a three-day trip to London on my schedule. I will, however, do my best to get some posts queued up for you guys so you actually have something to read in my absence this time. 

Happy reading, 
Jazz xo 

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