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As you may or may not have noticed, there was no Top Ten this Tuesday... again. 

I started out this week a little under the weather, plus I had a shit load of revision to get through. Which got me thinking. As much as I love blogging, and it has without a doubt become my favourite hobby, my exams are approaching with the speed of a runaway freight train. One with whom I'm giving serious consideration to making a hot date, more and more each day. I really would like to focus on getting some good revision done so I can get the grades for my firm choice university. I'm thinking of cutting my Top Ten posts down to every other Tuesday, so that I can focus more on my studies. This'll only be for a few months, as my last exam is mid-June (eek!), but I really do feel this will be the best option for my life. Sorry to anybody who's actually concerned about that. 

The first really exciting thing that's happened in my life this week, most of you will have already seen as I'm almost positive most of my readership comes from my Instagram account. While out and about in my local charity shops with my best pal Dakota, I snagged an absolutely gorgeous pair of brown leather ankle boots. They are a men's pair, so they're a little bit too big for my teeny-tiny lady feet, but these must've been donated by somebody with teeny-tiny gentleman feet because they're only really a size or so up from what I'd normally wear. Once I've got them on and laced up tightly, you wouldn't never even know that they were too big and I don't find them awkward or difficult to walk in at all. The best part about them? They came from the Cancer Research UK shop where - in my town at least - everything is either £1, £2 or £3. Can you believe I only paid three quid for these bad boys? 

Also rather exciting in the world of retail therapy is the fact that my local branch of Akitts has recently gained a huge display of Bomb Cosmetics stuff. They've always sold the little wax melts that Bomb Cosmetics do (I believe they're called Little Hotties). I enjoy the smells of a lot of those but as I don't actually own a wax burner, they've never been of that much interest to me. I do, however, love Bomb Cosmetics' bath products. Up until recently the only way that I could get them was by a) shopping online or b) driving 20 minutes. I'm sure you can imagine my delight at seeing that my Akitts is now carrying all of their bath products, as well as their candles and the Little Hotties. 

For anybody who isn't familiar with Bomb Cosmetics, they're a similar concept to Lush in that they make soaps and bath fizzers (which Bomb Cosmetics calls Bath Blasters) in a variety of exciting, unique and different scents. They're considerably cheaper than Lush, however, with their Bath Blasters marketing at only £2.49 a piece in my local Akitts. I picked up two; Passionfruit Dreams and Cherry Bathe-well. I won't lie, I kinda chose them both purely for aesthetic reasons. Perhaps surprisingly, I love anything that is pink and covered in glitter, so Passionfruit Dreams just absolutely screamed my name. Cherry Bathe-well was just absolutely adorable, plus the name kind of made me laugh. Both of them smelled nice, with Passionfruit Dreams being the stronger and (obviously) more fruity of the pair. Cherry Bathe-well had more of a soft vanilla scent, which I wouldn't usually be crazy about. For some reason, though, it works with this one. 

I didn't photograph how Cherry Bathe-well actually looked in the bath water, because it didn't look like much of anything. It just really seemed to add some kind of moisturising effect to the water. The best way I can describe it is as a less intense version of E45's bath emollient, if you're at all familiar with that. Passionfruit dreams, however, turned the bath a beautiful sparkly pinkish-red, as you can see in the photographs below.  

Absolutely the most exciting thing that happened to me this week happened outside of the world of retail. On Monday I received an email from the lovely Louise Dunne, of informing me that an article I wrote for their Applicant Panel had the honour of winning article of the month. As somebody with aspirations of being a journalist one day, this is obviously a huge, huge deal for me, and I really can't say thank you enough to Louise and the team, as well as all the people who read, rated and commented on my article. 

If you haven't read it yet and you'd like to, you can find it here. It centres around the stigmas that come with having a close friend of the opposite gender, and the issues I myself have experienced with it. Once again, I'd like to express how truly grateful I am to everybody over at the Opinion Panel for this. 

Hope you all had an awesome week. 

Happy reading, 
Jazz xo

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