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Book Title: Hollow City
Series: Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children
Author: Ransom Riggs
Genre: Horror-fantasy, Young Adult
My Rating: 5/5

I'd like to preface this review with an apology for going AWOL for over three weeks. I honestly did intend to get some serious blogging done but, well, you know how it is. Exam season is approaching with increasing speed and life got in the way, I suppose. 

One thing I did manage to squeeze into my free time, however, was a re-read of Hollow City, the second in the Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children trilogy by the handsome and wonderful Mr Ransom Riggs. I have actually read this book once before, many, many months ago but if I'm entirely honest with you lovely people, I just sort of skimmed through as, at the time, I was itching to get onto the most recent instalment in the Shades of London series. However, since I purchased the third novel, Library of Souls, recently I decided to refresh my memory an re-read Hollow City. And by gosh, am I glad I did. 

If you're a long time reader here you'll perhaps remember I wrote a rave review of the initial novel quite some time ago. I didn't think it possible, but Riggs has absolutely excelled even his own high standards with this one. 

The novel picks up right where the last one left off, with the children continuing on their risky journey away from their island, in search of another ymbrine who can help Miss Peregrine out of her sticky situation. Along the way they face any number of trials and tribulations, which they always manage to find their way out of in the way that only they can and meet a whole host of intriguing characters - some peculiar, some normal. Some friendly, some decidedly less so. Some adorable, and some just deliciously creepy. The novel ends with a twist and a cliffhanger that will leave you reeling for at least a day afterwards.

The first discussion point I'd like to make in this review is Hugh's character arc. In the initial novel I liked him, but he was a bit of a so-so character for me. I won't give anything away as a spoiler, but anybody who has already read the novel will understand me when I say that his several BAMF moments absolutely won my heart in this book and as it stands, Hugh has take the top spot as my favourite peculiar (sorry, Millard). Be warned though; if you fall in love with him the way that I did after his bad-ass moment in Part One, you will absolutely weep buckets for him after his bad-ass moment in Part Two. I'm not ashamed to admit, I literally did cry. 

Speaking of characterisation, unpopular opinion time: I fucking love Enoch. Everybody else I've spoken to has seemed to absolutely loathe him and his pessimism and his sarcastic attitude. But to me, he seems to be that little bit of comic relief that the situations in the novel so desperately need sometimes. His quips never fail to make me chuckle, no matter what the context. Whether he's a pessimist or (as he proclaims himself) simply a realist may be up to some debate but either way, his cloudy view on life allows for the sunshine of the others to shine even brighter, if nothing else. 

In terms of the actual story, I can't say anything for it except that it was absolutely fantastic. As far as I'm concerned, Ransom Riggs is the absolute personification of everything a good storyteller should be. The story is fast-paced where it needs to be, slower where it doesn't. There are moments that are absolutely piss-your-pants-funny, others that are gorgeously romantic, others that are stop-you-in-your-tracks shocking and some that are just plain sob-your-heart-out sad. Riggs manages to portray them all oh-so-beautifully, and yet you still believe each one of these is coming from the eyes of a sixteen-year-old boy. 

In short, this novel absolutely blew me away with how good it was, and I can't wait to move onto the next one. 

As with the last book, I'll warn that this one does contain some mild language, one scene with strong sexual references and some content and photographs that some people may find distressing. If you're in any way sensitive to anything mentioned, or to graphic descriptions of bloody violence, including towards animals and children, monstrous creatures and/or death, I recommend approaching this novel with caution.

Happy reading, 
Jazz xo 

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