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Somebody call Vogue.
To start this post I feel like I should apologise for a couple of things; first the not-so-top-notch quality of my photos. The batteries in my proper camera are out of juice and, as is the way with these things, there were none of the right size in my house, so these are taken on my mobile phone, to the best of its abilities. I'll also ask you to excuse my horrifically chipped nail polish. I just straight up can't always be bothered to paint them every time I "need" to. So sue me.

This wasn't actually my outfit today. I wore this a couple of days ago and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you guys. I wasn't doing anything special that  day, just trotting along to sixth form, so it's casual, but it still has that essence of cool I'm always striving for (I think so, at least.) You guys can still get all but one of these items, if you'd like too.

 The tank top, I got from Choies. I don't think you can get it specifically from there any more, however I have since seen it on eBay. I'll go right ahead and let you guys know that even though I'd usually go for a Medium, I erred on the side of caution with this and got a Large as it always pays to play it safe with international brands. I'm glad I sized up; a Medium probably would have fit, but it'd have been skin tight, and I am not about that life. Just something you might like to bare in mind.

The jeans are just a basic black pair from Dorothy Perkins. They were actually given to me by a friend, but I would be more than happy to pay full price for these; they're the only black jeans I've got that have held their colour through multiple washes and wears. Even my Levis have faded, while these have stayed as black as night. I cut the holes in the knees myself.

The boots were a Christmas present from my mum, and you can find them here on Amazon. I would highly recommend investing in a pair if you like the look of them. I've worn them almost every day since I got them and they're so, so comfortable. In fact, I might even be daring and say they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. And let's be real. They look bad the fuck ass. I'm dreading the summer months when it will be too hot to wear them. 

The leather vest is possibly my favourite part of this outfit, and I'm sorry to say it's the one item y'all won't be able to get your hands on. I got it for an absolute steal from a lovely girl over on Vinted. It's genuine vintage, and belonged to the sellers mother back in the 70s when she was a punk. I'm a person who loves a leather jacket, and I'm so happy I've found one that won't cook me alive in the summer weather.

The sunglasses are just a basic cat eye pair that I found on eBay. They are just cheap plastic and they don't feel the sturdiest, but if you're not going to be flinging them around and you pop them in a hard case to go in your bag, you should be absolutely fine. I've wanted some big, ridiculous cat eye shades for so long, and I'm happy I finally found a pair so cheap.

I got my ring from Romwe. I've recently become much more of a ring person, and I wear this one every day, even if I wear no others. Of course, it's not proper silver and the "stone" is plastic, but the silver coating hasn't worn off too much or anywhere immediately visible and it doesn't turn my finger green, which is always nice. I like how its simple enough for every day wear, but also big and chunky enough to be a bit of a statement piece.

I'll throw in a note that I did actually take a proper jacket with me, as its still a bit chilly to be walking round without one in the late afternoon/evening time, but I forgot to photograph it. I'm terrible, I know.

So  that's my quick little outfit post. Hope you all liked it!

Happy reading,
Jazz xo

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