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Ha ha ha. Let's pretend that I didn't forget to post this on Sunday afternoon. Sorry about that. I am a terrible human being.

This week, I took a bit of a massive cosmetic leap and allowed my brother's girlfriend, Anna , to dye my eyebrows. Now, I'm generally not that arsed about superficial or cosmetic stuff, and even if I did, I've every faith in Anna's abilities. But from the moment I said she could do it, there was a nagging fear in the back of my head that I'd become James Mates off of ITV. 

I almost dethroned you as Supreme Overlord of the Forehead Cattepillars James. But
worry not, comrade. Your title is safe. 
Still, I managed to swallow my fears and I allowed Anna to pop the tint on last night, between getting home from work and dinner arriving. She used the Eyelure eyebrow dying kit in dark brown, and the whole process took about ten to fifteen minutes.

Oh the horrid yellow light of my bathroom. These are
my brows before.

I'm actually super happy with how they turned out. There's no real dramatic difference, to be honest, but that's what I like. As you'll be able to see in the before picture, my eyebrows where kinda sparse and patchy before the tint developed, but the dye managed to bring some uniformity and solid colour to them.

Definitely got a bit of James Mates vibe going on here.
Also #demflyaways
It's very easy to do: the dye is applied with what looks and feels a bit like a hard plastic Q-tip and then combed through with a little spoolie brush, both of which are provided in the dye kit, and left to develop for about ten minutes. You then take a proper Q-tip or a cotton pad, or something similar, dampen it and rinse away the excess tint. After that, simply wash your face as you would normally. A severe  warning: be very, very careful not to get any of this in your eyes. Even if it's diluted big time, this stuff is going to sting if it gets in the old peepers, so that's something that's best avoided. 

All done, and back in the disgusting bathroom light.

I'm someone who has very sensitive skin, and this wasn't at all itchy or irritating the way that some hair dyed can be on the scalp or in the hairline. I've not noticed any redness or irritation around the brows since happening, so if you'd like to try the kit but are worried about that, fear no longer. 
A close up, ft Jazz has the world's worst skin ever.

I'd recommend this to anyone who's like me and is shit at filling in their brows with pencils, or pomades or powders, but you'd like them go look more solid/darker than they naturally are. Since it's Eyelure, which can be found at most drugstores, it's not super expensive, and its easy to use, so it's a fantastic alternative to going to a salon for your brows tinted.

Direct comparison, where the difference is more noticeable. 

Happy reading, 
Jazz xo

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