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I haven't had to make an apology for disappearing since before Christmas. Here's to the first of the year.

Honestly, I had every intention of sitting down and making a Top Ten on Tuesday post this week as well as a couple of fashiony things that are on temporary hold. But this week, simply put, has been a week from hell, and between work, school stress and bloody train tickets, I haven't found the time or the wherewithal to actually sit down and blog.

I won't go into massive amounts of detail because I hate to be maudlin and whiny, but the low down is that, due to unforeseen circumstances, there's a good chance that my Psychology class won't have a proper teacher again before our exam comes around in June. Which wouldn't matter at all if we weren't already behind where we should be. Thanks to some lovely, lovely people over on an AQA psychology revision Facebook group, we've managed to gather enough resources to get us through one uncompleted unit, but there's a lot of stress and panic surrounding the second one. Mostly because it's heavily maths based, and maths isn't really any of our strong suits. On top of that, we may or may not be up the creek without a paddle in terms of getting a DJ for our prom in three months time, and so we're scrabbling to get one within our price range.

As if that wasn't stressful enough, I've been screwed over by a train-booking company, who are taking much longer than they really should be to process a refund.

Like I say, I don't really like to be a whinge and I'm trying very hard to find positives. Here's hoping things pick up.

In more exciting news, earlier this week I had an article I wrote published on a legitimate student website, and for that I'd like to offer a massive thanks to The Applicant Panel community for blessing me with this wonderful opportunity. You can find my article here , and I'd really appreciate it if some of you guys could give it a read and give me some feedback.

Aside from all that, I haven't much to say this week, so I'll just leave you with this short update, and a promise that I'll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week.

Happy reading,
Jazz xo

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