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Ah, World  Book Day. 

A fun day dedicated to the appreciation of books, mainly expressed by dressing up as your favourite book characters for a day.

What do you mean that bit's just for the kids? 

This year World Book Day fell on Thursday 3rd March, and the sixth form English Literature students at my school were given the opportunity to take part in the Reading Rampage, along with the English department staff. The Reading Rampage is essentially a day in which participants dress up as fictional characters, and read to KS3 students from the books to which their characters belong. I, for one, loved it. 

I hate to get all "durr hburr technology is bad fire is scary and Thomas Edison is a witch" on you guys but the knowledge that the printed word is slowly entering its dying days genuinely saddens me to my very core. For as long as I can remember, books and reading have been a huge part of who I am and it genuinely boggles my mind how people can not read. I work with people only two or three years younger than myself who will openly admit - even brag - that they have only ever read one book outside of compulsory school reading in their life. 

That's why I love World Book Day. The whole idea of it is to encourage kids to read and, as far as I can tell, it works. Oh sure, some of the older end of KS3 only really appreciated us going into their classes because it meant that they got out of learning for a few minutes, and some didn't really even appreciate it at all. We even had one teacher be quite rude about it, which left me disgruntled to say the least. But as a whole, the younger children - Year Seven in particular - really seemed to appreciate the books we read to them. Will it encourage them to pick them up and read themselves? I don't know. But I damn well hope so. 

Did I look like an absolute wally running round the school building dressed as The Boy Who Lived all day long? Of course I did. Have I condemned myself to having "Yer a wizard, Harry!" shouted at me by thirteen year olds for the rest of the academic year? You bet your sweet ass I have. Do I regret it? Not one second. 

Happy (late) World Book Day and happy reading, 
Jazz xo 

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