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In a desperate but futile attempt to find somebody, anybody, else doing the same course as me come September, I, like many others, have recently been joining Facebook groups for university applicants like a madwoman. If you're going to be a fresher this year and you have access to Facebook, I'd seriously recommend joining some groups. Even if you don't find anybody else from your course, it's an excellent way to get questions answered and to find people who are having similar issues/worries to you. Example; I found a post around a week ago where a girl spoke about the hellspawn that is LITB4. I was delighted to see I wasn't the only person who agreed with her. In fact, there were around thirty other people also expressing how they'd struggled with it. It was jolly good company. 

Until that dickhead came along and commented "Stop complaining about Literature. I'd take that over Chemistry any day!" 

Not many things annoy me. 

That is one of them. 

I once upon a time thought that it was a good idea for me to study maths and biology. I got a U and an E in them, respectively. So, given the opportunity at a second chance, I swapped them out for English language and English literature. I got Bs in both. Does that mean that English is easier? Absolutely not. It simply means that I'm creatively rather than logically minded. Even if English was easier, does that mean that it's a less valid or an inferior subject? Of course it fucking doesn't. I have every respect for anybody who studies anything, STEM subjects included, but I despise the way that these subjects are put up on a pedestal as the be-all-and-end-all of measuring intelligence. 

Here's the thing. People's brains are wired differently. We aren't all the same - life would be boring if we were. So why, why, why, Delilah, do certain assholes think it's acceptable for them to have a superiority complex because of the subjects that they study? I've lost count of the number of times that I've been told that English isn't hard, it could be science, you know. Or the number of times a good friend of mine has been told that her Media course is not a real subject. And I've just about had enough of it. What people seem completely incapable of understanding - despite the bare simplicity of the concept - is that there are different kinds of intelligence. 

Take, for example, myself and another of my good buddies. He's a very scientific guy, with plans to go into particle phsyics. On the flip side of it, I'm quite creatively minded and want to go into some kind of writing or journalism career. As you can imagine, he's something of a physics whiz, and he's super brainy in that department. Now me? I haven't a bloody clue about any of it. I couldn't tell you what a capacitor does and I much prefer Newton Faulkner to Isaac Newton. Of course, there's a flipside to that to. I'm relatively certain that my friend doesn't know what a caesura is, nor do I think he could differentiate between Shakespeare's sonnets 18 and 116. Does this make either of us superior in knowledge to the other? No, it absolutely does not. 

It boils down to this; STEM is a broader field with more money to be made and a lot of people have the shitty capitalist mindset that the only things that are valid are the things that are going to make you filthy stinkin' rich. And that's just not the case. As far as I'm concerned, you're good at what you're good at. Whatever you're good at and whatever makes you happy, you should go out there and own it. After all, life is far too short to waste being a snob. If the only way you can boost your own self confidence is by looking down your nose at other people because of the things that they're good at and the things that they enjoy, then perhaps you should take a look at yourself and your own problems, rather than worrying about theirs. 

To make a long story short, do what you're good and what makes you happy. And if you're one of the dickheads who thinks you're better than me 'cause you chose science where I chose English? Well, fuck you too. 

Happy reading, 
Jazz xo 

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