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Any of my friends - or, indeed, any stranger with whom I've had a drunken heart-to-heart in the beer garden of my local - will tell you that I'm all about being yourself, and to hell with what anybody else thinks. 

For that, I have my parents to thank. As I've gotten older I've realised that I was particularly blessed in the parent department. My entire life it's been drilled into me by various family members that it is completely okay to do, say, be and wear whatever makes you happy, so long as you're not causing harm to anybody else. And from the primary school days of wearing rainbow-striped canvas sneakers, to the confusing teenage years when I refused to cut my hair and was absolutely positive that Gerard Way was the only person who understood me, to the present day when I have a small army of dragon ornaments and a morbid obsession with serial killer documentaries, it's a motto that's stuck with me. 

I dress like a semi-Goth Garth Algar who's been homeless for the last three years. Do people criticise me for it? Of course they do. Am I gonna change it? No. Fuck 'em. It makes me feel good, makes me feel happy. Why should I change it cause some irrelevant asshole takes issue? 

I have a massive overbite and a gap between my front teeth that is big enough to fit a pound coin in. Have I been picked on for that my whole life? Sure I have, kids can be mean. Am I gonna "fix" it? Probably not. It's not affecting my health and if I'm entirely honest, I like the way that it looks. It doesn't bother me, and I see no reason to let other people's petty comments change that. 

As a generally cheerful person, few things really sadden me. But one of those few things is to hear a friend lament that they loved that dress they tried on, but people would think they look weird, or that they feel like they have to change or hide their personality around certain groups of friends or, even worse, their family, or that they can't go out without make up on cause they feel like people will judge them. To those friends and to you, strangers on the internet, I'm here to let you know that none of that fucking matters. 

Who cares if that dress isn't on trend? If you like it and you feel good in it, you wear it and you rock it. What does it matter if some people take issue your personality? Drop those people like a bad habit, they're clearly not worthy of your time. People who take issue with you for being who you are are irrelevant, unimportant. Of the seven billion people on this planet, they're a raindrop in the ocean. Don't let them dictate your life. If you're unhappy or uncomfortable with something, then by all means, change it. But if you're happy with something and it makes you feel good, don't you dare go altering that because society reared its ugly head and told you 'no'. You do you, and proudly hold up both middle fingers to society as you do it. 

The issue with society is that, although we like to pretend we're progressive and liberal, people are still far too close-minded. Because we're not practising segregation or taking away anybody's voting rights any more, we're all patting ourselves on the back and playing the Good Samaritan. While that's all well and good, we're forgetting the way that we still judge people who deviate away from the norm. Even worse are the people who are so confident in themselves that they threaten the norm, reject it entirely. The weirdos, the freaks, the creeps, the radical thinkers. They're shunned for being them and I've had enough of it. 

The long and short of this post is that I implore you to unabashedly be and love yourself. Wear those heels, even though they'll make you over six feet tall. Rock bright blue lipstick and neon green eyeshadow. Love whoever you love. Dance like nobody's watching whenever you hear your favourite song. Dye your hair vibrant yellow. Just do what makes you happy. And remember. Somebody loves you. 

Happy Reading, 
Jazz xo 

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