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Remember when I said that I was going to make posts on this blog about clothes and then it didn't happen?

Surprise! It's happening.

So I've coveted after a pair of double-sole creepers since those glorious emo days, when a friend of a friend who I idolised as the Queen of Scene posted a Facebook snap of a flashy designer pair she'd been given for her birthday. For years I lusted over them, and yet I could never afford them. Even as an adult, with a job and a monthly wage of my own, I can rarely justify spending crazy money on shoes if I'm not absolutely certain I'm going to wear them every day. I had a pair of ordinary, one-inch sole sudette brothel creepers from Shoe Zone, when hipsters started taking over and creepers were the height of fashion. And they served me well for a year or so. But as is the nature of the beast with suede and suedette - especially on inexpensive shoes - they wore away and started to become patchy and not the prettiest to look at. The insoles also started to come away so, while they were fine for situations where I wouldn't be doing a lot of standing, a full day's wear would leave me with blisters out the wazoo.

In my valiant search for that perfect pair of leather, chunky soled creepers, I took to eBay and Amazon. I found several single-sole pairs that fit into my price range, but any double sole ones started to edge into the realm of silly money and I'm not about that life. Still, I continued heroically with my search until I finally discovered a gorgeous pair for only £18.99 on Amazon. Of course, I was dubious at first - for them to be sold so cheap, there must've been something off about them, right? A quick scan of the reviews section showed me that people were, for the most part, satisfied with them, but for a few exceptions where people complained about the sole having come away from the top part of the shoe. So I decided to bit the bullet and do it.

And boy, am I glad I did! These shoes are everything I hoped they would be. Now, obviously for nineteen quid, they're not real leather. These could be both a good and a bad thing. The fact that they're synthetic leather makes them vegan, and as such they'll appeal to a wider range of people. However, you do get that plasticy, cheap-synthetic-leather smell when you first open the box. This wasn't an issue for me but I know that some people - my mother included - are absolutely sickened by this smell, so bear this in mind if you intend on buying these shoes. The material is also a little stiff and first, so I'd recommend sticking plasters on your heels for at least the first few wears to avoid blisters. Apart from these minor flaws, the shoes are wonderful. They feel sturdy enough to me, leading me to believe that the people whose soles came away simply got a bad batch. They're very comfortable once broken in, and although the 2.25inch sole means they're heavier than an average pair of shoes at first, I quickly got used to the weight and can walk in them as easy as any pair of ordinary flats. Would recommend these to anybody looking for something a little bit alternative in the way of shoes, but can't afford to or doesn't want to spend a lot of money on them. They can be found here in women's UK sizes 3-7. I'll add a shoe size conversion chart at the bottom if you want to convert these into men's or foreign sizes.

The soles are a little scuffed from wear, but I've worn them almost every day for about two weeks so that's to be expected.

Demonstrating my unbelievable gymnastics tekkers to get a picture of the shoes on against a plain white surface.

This is how the fashion gurus do it, right?

Apologies for the crappy focusing, my photography skills are rusty at best.

While shoe sizes can vary for company to company, this chart is pretty good as a general rule of thumb. 
As a side note, something else that I've been totally loving and thought I'd let you guys know about is the Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream, generously donated to me by my brother's lovely girlfriend Anna. It's fantastic if you're like me and you struggle with finding makeup that will work well with your sensetive skin and match your skin tone (this goes on white and blends to the colour of your face).

Happy reading, 
Jazz xo

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