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Howdy there, friends.

No, I'm not typing this from beyond the grave. I am still very much alive. I honestly wish I had a better excuse than the fact that school and work have been an absolute pain in the you-know-where as of the past month or so. I did hope to get some more posting done over Christmas break, but alas the vast amount of overtime I got meant it wasn't to be so (on the plus side, gonna be rollin' in that dough the end of this month!).

So here's the thing. I did some mulling over things lately and I realised that my final year of sixth form was perhaps not the best time for me to be starting a literature blog. The ever-nearing six A-Level exams I'm sitting in summer have left me with less reading-for-pleasure time than I'd ideally like and so I probably won't be able to get many fresh reviews up between now and June. I decided, then, it was probably time for me to make a couple of changes on this blog.

Panic not, though. Reading is still a very big part of my life, and the blog will still be very much literature based. However, instead of posting regular reviews of books that are new to me (my initial intention with the blog), I thought it might be a better idea to offer recommendations of books that I've read in the past and loved, as well as continuing with the Top Ten on Tuesday series that I recently started. I also thought I'd start sharing some general lifestyle stuff with you guys, since I've always got something to chat to you about, even if it's not literary based.

I also made a recent endeavour into the world of horror blogging. I did consider adding a little creepiness on this, my main blog. But I do understand that horror is relatively niche and it's certainly not for everybody. That blog probably won't be updated as regularly as I plan on doing this one, but it's there if you'd like to check it out.

Sorry this was short, guys. I just thought you deserved an explanation, as well as a bit of a forewarning as to what is to come.

Happy reading,
Jazz xo

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